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Bekalta was an ancient city called Thapsus, its ruins still exist in Ras Dimas. Originally founded by Phoenicians, it served as a marketplace on the coats. Thapsus then became a Roman colony. 

It was many years ago when I left Bekalta to go to the university. But I still visit my family on holidays. From the day I got my first job I can’t visit Bekalta so often. 

I sitll remember my summer holidays I used to spend with my family on the beautiful sandy beach and the walk we went for through the open fields. 

Nowadays, Bekalta is a tourism development pole. The beach is becoming crowded with people. The number of buildings on the coat is getting more and larger. 

I am afraid that in the next few years the lovely clean beach is going to loose its attractiveness and its calmness.


Par bekalta
Le 26 mars, 2007
A 14:25
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